Meet Tay

I currently reside in a little 1800's cottage nestled among the pines and palms in Augusta, Georgia. I moved in after a guy had lived in it for three years... and I've been cleansing and curating its decor since. Boys are gross.

My passion for cooking and decor has been quite a journey, and it's one that's ever evolving and never ending - I like it that way. I'm always looking for ways to make my surroundings as warm and welcoming as I am, and no one can turn down a living room full of candles and wine. It's a sure fact.

When I'm not cozied up on my couch doing jigsaw puzzles or digging through used records with my boyfriend, I'm graphic designing and social media creating for my day job at a marketing agency that I love.

Other than that // I still make mixed c.d.'s and specially curated playlists \\ HERE //  for every season, I forget to return everyone's text messages, I am constantly on the search for the perfect linen-textured paper, I always battle between watching a movie or a t.v. show on Netflix, and I'm always reading up on what's inside the mind of other 2w3 Enneagram-mers out there.

I'm so glad you're here and I hope that even if you don't find anything useful for your everyday life, you'll at least walk away encouraged that there are other people out there that don't live that perfect internet life everyone likes to pretend they do. Things take time, and everyone is just doing their best! I wasn't put on this earth to compete with others - I hope we all make it. 

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